Watkins "New Series" Stereoview Titles
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As the result of a financial crisis and the loss of his earlier negatives to a creditor, Carleton Watkins started photographing anew in the mid-1870s. Watkins "New Series" of stereoviews began with view number 3001 and covered more than ten years of Watkins photographic efforts.

For more background information see the New Series Introduction by Peter Palmquist

In this section, New Series listings are divided by subject. Use the page navigation at left or the subject headings below to browse the listings.

Subject   No's.   Subject   No's.
Yosemite (1878-1881)   3001-3099
  Nevada and the Comstock (1875-1877)   4066-4192
Yosemite (1878-1881) - continued   3100-3175   C.P.R.R and Donner Pass   4201-4242
Oakland and Miscellaneous Railroad   3301-3323   Southern California   4301-4399
Railroad and Donner Pass   3382-3393   Southern California - continued   4400-4499
North Bloomfield Gravel Mines   3394-3400   Southern California - continued   4500-4532
Mammoth Big Tree Grove   3501-3537   Southern California - continued   4601-4667
River Mining and Miscellaneous   3538-3546   Utah (winter of 1873-1874)   4701-4716
San Francisco and Environs   3547-3661   Southern California (1880)   4751-4836
Southern California (c. 1878)   3662-3667   Arizona (1880)   4837-4922
San Francisco and Environs   3668-3782   Santa Cruz and Environs   5001-5068
Miscellaneous   3783-3800   Washington Territory (1882)   5201-5263
Monterey and Environs   3801-3899   Victoria, B.C. (1882)   5264-5303
Lake Tahoe and Environs   4001-4065   Oregon, Idaho and Yelowstone (1884-1885)   E1-E217