#863 - Indian Chiefs, with Commissioner of Santa Fe, New Mexico
Photographers number:863
Title:Indian Chiefs, with Commissioner of Santa Fe, New Mexico
Notes:Note from Jeremy Rowe: The New Mexico images may have been obtained from another photographer since I am not aware of him traveling to the Santa Fe area. An early Arizona photographer, Polycarpo Bagnasco, was active in Santa Fe (in the 1870s and possibly again in the early 1880s) and he later worked for both Watkins and Taber. Little of his work is marked so almost impossible to compare, but he should be on a list of possible sources if they were originally created by another and acquired/marketed by Watkins.
Photographer:Carleton E Watkins
Publisher:I W Taber
Image courtesy of:Bill Lee
Tags:New Mexico | Santa Fe | Santa Fe County
CarletonWatkins.org ID:1004247