Unnumbered View - Oso House, Bear Valley, Mariposa County
Photographers number:Unnumbered
Title:Oso House, Bear Valley, Mariposa County
Notes:CMP notes: Oso House was in Bear Valley. JC Fremont in profile on stagecoach. Wells, Fargo & Co. sign on bldg's railing in center. Oso House sign also visible on bldg. Watkins was skilled at bringing large groups of people under his control for the purposes of being photographed. Here at least twenty people, including General John C. Frmont, who is gazing out of the carriage window, are looking at the camera.
Photographer:Carleton E Watkins
Publisher:Carleton Watkins
Format:Mammoth Plate
Image courtesy of:The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles
Tags:California | Mariposa County
CarletonWatkins.org ID:1005545