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Watkins #34 - Locomotive
Image courtesy of: The Huntington Library   (Accession Number photCL 184 (34))
Photographers number:34
Title:Locomotive "Atlantic" at Colfax, Placer County
Notes:A.A. Hart mount

Photographer:Alfred A Hart   (Mar 28, 1816 — Mar 5, 1908;  Active approx. 1862 — 1869)
Publisher:Alfred A Hart

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37Teamster's Camp at Colfax, Placer County
4Road above Newcastle, Placer County
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32View above Clipper Gap, Placer County
33Locomotive "Nevada" at Colfax. 55 miles
33Locomotive "Nevada" at Colfax. 55 miles
61Hydraulic Mining at Gold Run. Placer County
61Hydraulic Mining at Gold Run. Placer County
61Hydraulic Mining at Gold Run. Placer County
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