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Watkins Unnumbered View - Virginia City
Image courtesy of: Ken Rosen
Photographers number:Unnumbered
Title:Virginia City
Date Photographed: 1875-1876
Notes:This negative was probably photographed by Watkins and acquired by Taber before it could be published by Watkins. Taber published it with no number and just a generic title, while Watkins titles were very specific.The rail car in the image is Virginia & Truckee baggage and express car number 16. It was delivered to V&T at the end of 1874 so the photo is likely 1875 or later. According to Palmquist's chronology Watkins took the Virginia City views from 1873-1876. Watkins's negatives were acquired by Taber by 1875. This exact rail car is restored in the Calif State Rail Museum. CSRM - V&T car #16

Photographer:Carleton E Watkins   (Nov 11, 1829 — Jun 23, 1916;  Active approx. 1853 — 1896)
Publisher:I W Taber

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