#1176 - Wawona, 27ft. diameter, Mariposa Grove
Photographers number:1176
Title:Wawona, 27ft. diameter, Mariposa Grove
Notes:J. J. Cook imprint on mount. Note: Tunnel opened in August 1881. This Watkins' Pacific Coast view would presumably have been numbered the same as the Taber issue (i.e., 1176). Note this 1881 Pacific Coast view post dates by nearly a decade the start of New Series views
Photographer:Carleton E Watkins
Publisher:Carleton Watkins
Image courtesy of:Gary D. Lowe
Tags:California | Figure in Landscape | J J Cook | Mammoth Plate Related | Mariposa County | Men at Work | Occupational | Wagon | Yosemite Zone 1 - Mariposa Grove and Environs
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