#1337 - Cereus Giganteus, Arizona Territory
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Photographers number:1337
Title:Cereus Giganteus, Arizona Territory
Notes:CMP notes: Title from pasted paper lable on BL and HEH prints. Verso mount: Peterson wetstamp: Private Library of H.C. Peterson (encircled) and negative number 1337; in pencil, Cactus Arizona Desert and The Sentinels of the Desert' showing the large cactus tree of the Arizona desert. The most fiendish torture devised by the Apache Indian was that of tying a prisoner to one of these cactus trees, cut off his lips, and eye lids, and leave him to perish of heat, thirst, and attacks from myriads of insects.
Photographer:Carleton E Watkins
Publisher:Carleton Watkins
Format:Mammoth Plate
Image courtesy of:Online Archive of California
CarletonWatkins.org ID:1006480