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Links to other Watkins related information

Stereo World article on Carleton Watkins (March - April 1977)

Courtesy of the Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum and the National Stereoscopic Association.

Carleton Watkins wiki

Wikipedia page with Carleton Watkins biography, links and references.

Picturing Progress
Carleton Watkins's 1867 Stereoviews of the Columbia River Gorge
(Fall 2008)

Terry Toedtemeier and Megan K. Friedel co-wrote this article on Watkins's stereoviews of the Columbia River Gorge, published in Fall 2008 by the Oregon Historical Quarterly. The article won the 2009 Joel Palmer Award, Honorable Mention.

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An immense collection of images and documents related to the transcontinental railroad.

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Jeremy Rowe Vintage Photography - Early photographs of Arizona and New Mexico. - Antique Stereoview, Photography and Research Links

Extensive list of stereographic and other photographic links.

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Various links to online resources related to stereo views, lantern slides, the history of photography and photographic technology.

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